Shading Simulations

New construction, especially when dealing with saturated building, may shadow existing constructions and the environment.
In hot climates,  exposure  in open areas, and areas of roofs for solar systems implementation, and sunlight rights is an important element in the design.
Yozmot imployes computerized tools allowing to accurately determine the level of exposure of planned structures and the immidiate environment, and determining  optimum design to protect the sunlight rights.

Shading Simulations and rights are required:

As part of supporting the process of building green buildings – demand model is a prerequisite of the Israeli Standard Certification 5281
Planning committees – testing solar shading and rights committees require regional and local planning condition for promotion zonning project approval process and building permit process
As part of the solar systems, radiation intensity can be tested to determine the effectiveness of systems of various types

שכונת מרכז הנגב באר שבע

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