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Since 1996, Yozmot – Green Initiatives specializes in ‘environmental initiatives, planning and environmental consultancy focusing on environmental and green building. The founders and our senior engineers relay on extensive experience in management and environmental engineering.
The perception is based on a combination of work experience of over 25 years in civil engineering, environmental engineering, and implementation of environmental solutions in the municipal sector and industry, as well as proven capabilities in managing environmental projects, monitoring green building projects.
The experience gained over the years, dealing with a variety projects, and the combination of engineering know-how and knowledge of environmental issues and architecture, making Yozmot capable of providing the most appropriate solutions. We understand the entrepreneur and considerations such as scheduling and costs, and make sure to incorporate the principles of sustainability concept with an emphasis on the actual application capabilities while optimizing the cost-benefit ratio.


28  Years of experience and more than a thousand projects across the world incorporating environmental thinking with a focus on implementation while optimizing the cost – benefit ratio.

A team of trained professionals

Our team of professionals comes from different disciplines. The combination of engineering know-how and knowledge of the environment and architecture allowing peripheral vision and the ability to provide the most appropriate solution.


Yozmot focuses on the growth and development of the company and the professional team. The team is well informed and familiar with the newst standards, models and cutting edge technologies.

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Who are we?

The professional team is composed of people with vast and varied experience in many different fields: architects, engineers and process chemists, geologists, designers, design management and environmental engineering. Cooperation between all these people allows Yozmot to operate in harmony and provide customized solutions for each project

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