Our team

Our professional team is composed of permanent employees, and regularly employed consultants . All team leaders come from various disciplines and are experts in their fields . This kind of teamwork and collaboration enables us to deal with any complex environmental issue.

Environmental engineer, with 42 years of experience in the fields of environment infrastructure - water, sewage and environmental planning. Managed numerus projects in Mekorot and the IDF. Headed the Environment and Sanitation Department at the Carmiel Municipality. Senior lecturer accomplished all aspects of environmental consulting and managed teams of consultants in various fields.

Graduated cum laude from the Technion in the field of Architecture and City Planning, with a focus on green building and sustainability.

Experienced in planning, and consulting for green building,  writing policies and instructions for green building for entities, institutions, municipalities, private sector, and more'  certifying buildings for ISO 5281 and certifying for international standards.


Extensive experience in architectural design in all aspects of planning - public buildings, private construction and town plans. Extensive background in planning and statutory consultation. Liron has won several design competitions Including Eilat Municipality design competition. Liron is experienced  in green building consultant and accompanied by dozens of projects throughout the country.
B. Arch. Graduated from Bezalel

Tomer has extensive experience in urban planning, outline plans, transportation planning, management and public participation, as well as mapping and methodology of computer information systems.
Working on his Ph.D in Urban Planning. B.sc graduate in Geography and Environmental Sciences, MURP Urban and Regional Planning.

Omar specializes in green building and renewable energy; operats microclimate models - models for CFD ( Computerized wind tunnels ) , solar models for evaluating solar radiation and shading and simulations include buildings of all kinds; coordinats projects in all scales nationwide .
Technion graduate engineer specializing in Chemical and Environmental Engineering .

Specializes in urban and environmental planning projects, including renewable energy systems and power plants that run on natural gas. Has extensive experience in the preparation of environmental surveys and compiling reports and environmental reports.
A graduate student in urban and regional planning. BA in Geography with specialization in management and the environment from Ben Gurion University.

M.Sc qualified chemical engineer, an outside consultant, air quality consultant to the Committee for National Infrastructure, conducts air pollution event analysis, meteorological analysis, funnel planning and estimating air pollutions to dozens of plants including power plants, chemical plants, running updated models based on EPA requirements, receiving dozens of permits from the Ministry of Environmental Protection - outside consultant.


Accompanied by soil pollution projects, water treatment and wastewater. Specilizes in the fields of soil, water and environmental planning.
A master's degree in soil and water sciences from the Faculty of Agriculture in Rehovot Hebrew University.

Geologist  with over than 30 years of experience. Experienced in carrying out land surveys for planning and consolidation, including large scale projects worldwide, geological surveys, seismic surveys, including large-scale surveys .
Ph.D. in Geology and Soil

Acoustics Engineer, with over  then 30 years experience in performing all acoustic projects.  specializes in measuring background noise and vibration, acoustic planning large-scale transportation systems including railways, roads and airplanes, industrial plants design features acoustic design protection for industrial and acoustic models.
Ph.D. Physics and Civil Engineering